CHCH stands for Christchurch - the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand. I wouldn't say that the culture here is hugely different from what I am used to from home but there are certainly some things that are different. Just a few examples: 
Everything is far away here! The city is very spread out. You might have to drive (car - no public transport) for 5 km to the next supermarket. Not surprising with a population density that is almost 20 times lower than that of Zurich. 
Despite CHCH being at 43° North (roughly the equivalent of Northern Spain) it is not hot here. Days might be hot (30° is really hot by CHCH standards) but it always cools down at night. No warm evenings that allow you to sit outside till late. And quite often it is windy. Stormy by my standards;-) There is a beach but it is not hugely popular. I guess it would be a very refreshing swim. 
After the 2011 earthquake it is only allowed to build 3 floors at max. But even that is rare. Most houses only have on floor. And they don't have a concrete base but are build on poles. Makes it cheaper to build and easier to level after the next earthquake.
Wanna check out the view from the "sugarloaf" on the Port Hills? Click on the picture to view the 360° panorama over Littleton Harbour and Christchurch..
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