I don't know how we found our destination before Google Maps... If I want to get somewhere I just type in the destination and tell Google to take me there. And if the lady in the phone tells me "you are on the fastest route" I obviously believe her. It seemed to make sense because the alternative routes were longer, taking a detour towards the north west. And so I started driving. 
I think the lady in my phone might have been lying to me. I am pretty sure the other routes would have been faster. But I am certain that the road I ended up on was way more fun to drive! The windy road went trough some amazing landscape with those green grassy hills. And there was little traffic which made the pleasure of driving even better. 
Suddenly the tarmac ended and the road was only gravel. Few potholes and awesome to drive. Mildred (the car) and me had loads of fun there:-)
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